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Office Fitout Tips 2018-03-26T22:39:45+00:00
Why Consider Commercial Fit Outs? 2018-03-26T22:39:55+00:00

Why Consider Commercial Fit Outs?

Once an overlooked aspect of the workplace, due to necessity of facilities overriding quality. Commercial fitouts and organisation has since been recognised across many industries as a vital tool in determining the quality and quantity of service that an office can provide.


A well designed office has a host of benefits that simply cannot be skimmed over. At the core of these benefits are two simple concepts – efficiency and productivity. Both are arguably the most important factors in the workings of a successful business, especially where the need to go far and beyond to succeed is becoming increasingly more poignant.


Providing a Vibrant, Welcoming Office


The days of grey walls surrounded by more grey walls are long gone, as companies look to spruce up the atmosphere of their workplace. Numerous studies have shown that positive atmospheres will in turn influence potential clients in a similar manner, and also inspire employees.


A particular case study performed in the United Kingdom in 2011, showed that the addition of a few plants and paintings had an incredible effect on both the quality of work that was being performed and the first impression of clients who had walked through the doors, as opposed to the same office space that didn’t have these additions.


As the best providers of office interior designers Melbourne, we specialise in optimising office layouts to encourage a positive mindset.


Maintaining High Staff Morale


Carefully planned commercial office fitouts have been noted as not only improving staff morale, but also maintaining high morale.


Little things, such as large, open desk areas and comfortable chairs, have been identified as key areas that make your employees feel a part of something special. Providing homely comforts to your staff will ensure they, in turn, are happy, healthy and motivated to perform to the best of their ability.
Utilising an unrestrictive office layout allows your team to collaborate and share ideas easier and more effectively, and this can directly translate to productivity when coupled with the right work atmosphere.


Integrity Office’s commercial fit out Melbourne can provide you with the right facilities and furniture to set the platform for enhanced employee morale.


Ergonomic Management

Workplace injuries are inevitable, but that isn’t a reason to rest on your laurels and do nothing about preventing them. As previously mentioned, cluttered spaces and poor partitions will not only slow your staff down, but pose unneeded hazards that can be dangerous.


Our office fit outs Melbourne are designed with the understanding of what makes a safe office, so that the risk of injury is kept as low as possible.

Why are Well Designed Office Partitions Important? 2018-03-26T22:39:56+00:00

Why are Well Designed Office Partitions Important?

Efficient office partitions will allow for greater comfort for your employees, reduce unwanted clutter in the office space and limit the risk of injury by allowing for a safe workplace.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, poorly designed office partitioning that resembles more of a maze than it does an office, will severely damage the efficiency of your company. It will also significantly hurt your ergonomic management, as older, more inefficient partitioning pose more hazards than their modern counterparts.

A Large Range of Styles to Complement any Business

In the current times, where economic uncertainty has been at its highest for quite some time, and more and more businesses are being judged on their productivity, superior office interior design has been earmarked by many industries as a great, cost-effective way to motivate their labour force.

We have a vast array of existing interiors and layouts, to suit our array of both current and potential clients, and we can also perform custom design to suit specific needs. Our designers perform an in-house consultation to see how large or small your office space is, and tailor your new layout specifically to your office.

You can check out some of our previous projects as examples at the bottom of this page.

Melbourne’s Premier Office Designers

Our office partitions are recognised as the most effective way to increase productivity and efficiency, whilst also helping to liven up the workplace. In our 30 years’ experience of refurbishing office spaces, we have left each and every one of our clients pleased and content with the end outcome, and we can guarantee you the same satisfaction.

In fact, we are so confident that you’ll be satisfied with the final product, that we, on top of our no obligation consultation, also include a 5 year warranty on all partitions as standard. For further information on what we can offer your company at affordable prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our support page.

10 Office Seating Misconceptions – What Makes A Good Office Chair 2018-03-26T22:39:56+00:00

10 Office Seating Misconceptions – What Makes A Good Office Chair

Advice from our Managing Director – Peter Wormersley

In this article I am taking a quick look at what you will find to be the top ten misconceptions about what makes a good office chair. The ten points in the article aren’t in any order of priority; they’re all important things to consider before you buy a new office seat.


Misconception 1 – Just Buy A Cheap Chair, Why Waste Money

Truth – It just isn’t true to say that a cheap chair is all you need, if you are going to be spending any length of time in your office chair, you must make sure it will support your body healthily. The lack of adjustment features on cheap chairs mean it is virtually impossible to get correctly seated in this type of chair.


Choose the right chair first and then worry about the price, this is the right way to look at office chair selection.


Misconception 2 – The Label Says Ergonomic, So That Must Be For Me

Truth – Seating manufacturers are in the business of selling as many chairs as possible, so given the chance their marketing and advertising people are going use the term ergonomic chair freely and frequently. There is no definitive description of what the term means when applied to office seats.


So don’t lose sight of this and always treat descriptions with caution, until you are convinced by the chair’s features and functions that it meets your needs.


Misconception 3 – One Piece Shell Chairs Are The Top Choice

Truth – A lot of very expensive executive and managerial chairs sold today are based on a ‘one piece shell’ construction. A one piece shell chair is one that is made from a single combined back and seat component. Whilst they look great they are often very inflexible as the angle between back and seat remains fixed and consequently can’t be varied to your particular needs.


Yes, they can move forward and recline but always with back and seat at the same angle.  This type of chair is best avoided for the sake of your body’s health and comfort.


Misconception 4 – Adjustable Arms Are A Luxury, Fixed Arms Are Fine

Truth – It is a bit frustrating that once you have adjusted your chair’s arms to suit your needs it’s likely you won’t have to move them again. The important thing is though that you are able to set the arms to properly support you. Unless you’re very lucky, fixed arms won’t be set at the correct height for you and are a compromise at best.


Misconception 5 – A Leather Chair Is Always The Top Choice

Truth – Very often choosing a leather office chair isn’t the smartest move. Leather varies enormously in quality. You should always go for quality and avoid cheap, too-good-to-be-true priced leather chairs.

You also need to bear in mind that leather can be quite a difficult surface to sit still on as it tends to be slippery and can also quickly shine your clothes.

Misconception 6 – Well Sculpted Lumbar Supports Are Great

Truth – You just don’t need great lumps of sculpted foam to be comfortable in an office chair. As long as the chair has a lightly shaped lumbar support that should be fine.


If you think about it if a chair has some deeply shaped back foam, it follows that they need to match your own back’s shape. This isn’t very likely and such chair backs will almost always be uncomfortable.


Misconception 7 – Inflatable Lumbar Supports Look Like A Cool Feature

Truth – Having inflatable lumbar supports really shouldn’t be necessary on a good chair.  Properly designed, it will enable you to set up the chair back to properly support your back.


Misconception 8 – A High Back Chair Is A Must

Truth – You simply don’t need a high back on your chair, as long as the back gives good support to your lower back you should find that this will keep the rest of your back in a pretty good posture. Just make sure that the back is well adjusted for your lumbar region.


Misconception 9 – An Adjustable Back Doesn’t Matter Much

Truth – An adjustable back actually does matter and is very important to your overall comfort. So make sure that the chair you select has a back that can be both height and angle adjusted easily.


Misconception 10 – A Big Chair Is The Way To Go

Truth – We all like to feel important and what better way to do so than buying a nice big chair to make a statement. Well, unless you’re a nice big person you will invariably find such chairs unwieldy and uncomfortable.


A chair should fit your body size as closely as possible rather like a pair of gloves, this is why Herman Miller makes the Aeron in 3 different sizes, quite simply we aren’t all the same size and shape. You really do need to pay close attention to your body size when selecting an office chair.


If you apply this list of misconceptions to the selection of your next office chair, you’ll very likely avoid buying the wrong chair and will instead pick one that is closely matched to your specific needs.

Office Move Checklist 2018-03-26T22:39:56+00:00

Office Move Checklist

With so much to do and with so little time, moving offices can often become a strenuous and challenging activity. Provided below is a checklist that can help make office moves much easier.


Identify everything that must be done


Create a complete working budget


Make internal company decisions

Area being considered

Type of building desired

Square feet needed

Budget limits

Utilize modular furniture?

Replace any case goods furniture?

Determine office sizes & who gets one

Make changes/upgrades to office systems

Telephone system

Computers and networking

Copiers/Printers/Fax machines. Postage meters, etc.

Establish requirements for archiving/warehousing (off site)


Hire a tenant rep broker


Hire an architect/interior designer

Create working floor plan drafts

Provide HVAC requirements for all equipment

Provide electrical requirements for all equipment

Decide on standard cabling outlet configuration (Voice and Data)


Select space

Negotiate lease terms

Negotiate work letter (TI allowance)

Sign lease

Give notice to old landlord


Hire Trades people


Telephone system (replace it or move it)

Order new phone/data service (POTS, T-1, ISDN, DSL)

Network (upgrade it, back it up, prepare to move it)

Security system

Modular furniture (replace it or move it)

Furniture movers

Document destructors

New janitorial service

Plant watering service


Manage construction project

Hire General contractor

Hire Project manager?

Hire MEP engineer

Get drawings approved for permit

Obtain building permits


Change address & phone numbers

Order new stationery and business cards

Order new signs

Paint company vehicles

Change vehicle registration?

Change website to reflect new address/phone numbers

Revise advertising

Revise yellow pages listing

Notify post office


Throw away junk and archive old files


Warehouse un-needed equipment and files



Memos to employees

Letter to customers

Notify bank and accountant

Notify insurance agent

Notify vendors and suppliers


Packing prep

Order and distribute boxes

Rent crates (if applicable)

Order and distribute packing materials

Order and distribute labels and markers

Provide clear instructions for packing

Determine who will pack filing cabinets, supply cabinets

Determine who will pack common areas (reception, pantry, library, etc.)

Make arrangements to have live plants moved

Make arrangements to move framed pictures and any special artwork


Move management prep

Take complete inventory

Document network log-ins, access, print spooling, etc.

Perform complete backup of network

Perform complete backup of telephone system

Document telephone extension, pooling groups, etc.

Select department coordinators

Create packing/labeling guidelines

Arrange to have PCs packed/moved

Determinate who will work on move weekend

Arrange for packing/moving of copiers

Arrange for disassembly/reassembly of modular furniture

Arrange to pack/move networking equipment and servers

Arrange to prep/move telephone system

Arrange for elevator access (both sites)

Schedule parking and unloading at new site

Obtain any special moving/parking permits

Determine building restrictions for move hours

Arrange for protection of floors, walls and elevators


Clean up/demo old site

Remove old cabling?

Arrange for special trash pickup

Perform final cleaning?



Service agreements

Business Licenses


Sales & Use certificates

Equipment leases

Mandatory HR postings

How To Avoid Another Zombie Chair 2018-03-26T22:39:56+00:00

How To Avoid Another Zombie Chair

With 2011 now upon us, it’s timely to ask if you’re sitting on a nightmare of an office chair. There are some real ghoul chairs out there. Here are some of the things which often happen with these chairs:


  • Seat foam is flat and feels like you’re sitting on cold concrete
  • Arms are loose or broken
  • Back no longer reclines properly
  • Upholstery is either shiny, torn or both
  • Wheels keep dropping off
  • Seat keeps sinking
  • Everything just feels loose and worn out


We often put up with a lot, however eventually there comes the time when we say to ourselves ‘that’s it, I really must do something about this.’


The thing is how do you avoid ending up with another zombie chair? Like the one in this photo I took over the weekend in a local discount warehouse?


What Not To Do

Don’t just rush out to the nearest office supplies discounter and buy another cheap chair, because 6 months down the road those ghouls and zombies will be back, and well before next year.


Never buy a chair on price alone, get the functions right first, and then look at price, more on this later.


Don’t be fooled by looks, far eastern manufacturers have perfected making junk look a million-dollar art form.  Just because it’s got shiny chrome legs and leather upholstery doesn’t mean it has any quality at all.


Next, there’s that wonderful misused word ‘ergonomic’ which you see bandied about so much these days. Realize there is no precise definition for ergonomic when applied to office seating. This means the term gets abused and becomes a marketing ploy to sell you something which is anything but ergonomic.


Here’s my definition of an ergonomic office chair:

An ergonomic office chair is a seat that has been carefully designed for the user to be able to work productively, efficiently and safely as well as minimizing any feeling of fatigue or discomfort.

$100 will never get you a high quality chair, products sold at this price level will always be built to a target price and corners will be cut to meet the cost, typically on the parts you can’t see like the foam in the seat and the back.


What You Should Do

The first thing to recognize is that you need certain minimum features; here are the five I believe are essential:


  • Seat depth adjustment for optimal leg comfort
  • Back height adjustment to properly support your back
  • Height adjustable arms for comfort and to minimize RSI (repetitive strain injury)
  • Seat height adjustment to suit your body height and weight
  • Adjustable tilt tension allowing you to recline comfortably



Take time to read some product reviews both on this site as well as sites like Amazon.


Ask for other user’s opinions in Twitter, FaceBook and similar sites


Plan to invest at least $250-$300 to get the right quality and features you need to support you safely and comfortably.


Lastly, make sure you get a 30 day return period if you do decide to replace your computer chair whether you are buying online or in person.  You will only know if you have the right chair after you have been sitting in it for a few days. Bear in mind you will probably be adjusting settings until you get things just right for you.


One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is they try a new chair in a big box retailer. Of course it feels great sitting in it for a couple of minutes, especially if yours is worn out.


Realize it just isn’t possible to try a chair out properly in 5 or 10 minutes, it takes days to know for certain not minutes or even hours.


Next time you’re looking for a new office task chair, take your time and do the research because if you do and you get it right it won’t need replacing for years.

Top 10 Things To Know About Office Fitouts 2018-03-26T22:39:56+00:00

Top 10 Things To Know About Office Fitouts

Number 1

First and foremost, one must consider the safety issues in the building. This means considering placement of fire extinguishers, sprinklers, smoke detectors and exit signs, including things like non-slip floor surfaces and the placement of any glass in relation to work areas. Also, consider the frosting or signage of glass and their effects on visibility.

Number 2

Measure the size of work areas so as to utilize space around and in the fitout. Also consider the height and size of the person using the work space in relation to other areas around the work area and also to other people. Wheelchair access should also be considered.

Number 3

Vision and sound around the office area should be considered from all angles and in relation to the type of work each individual is required to do. This can be manipulated by glass, partitions or solid walls. The solid partition walls are usually made of a steel framed system covered with gyprock wall paneling and then professionally plastered, set and sanded and then painted. The glass and aluminium framed office partitioning walls are usually 10.38mm laminated glass.  When there is frameless glass, the glass used is toughened safety glass.

Number 4

Consider the light coming into the office area naturally or by electric lighting and the use of blinds or glass frosting to control light. To the top specification light activated glass walls which are controlled electronically.

Number 5

Consider the placement of work stations and other office furniture in relation to the above as well as cabinetry.

Number 6

Check the positioning of any power outlets, computer, phone or audio outlets. Try to make areas user friendly.

Number 7

Take note of the colour of the walls and doors and any business advertising or graphics, as well as skirtings and flashings around the walls.

Number 8

Consider the height of any walls around and beyond the work area including the placement of suspended ceilings.

Number 9

Doors to offices can be either solid painted, clear or other. There are many types of these doors and systems available: aluminium framed doors, frameless glass doors, solid painted doors and variations of any of the above. Also there are sliding aluminium framed glass doors and pivoting doors. The solid doors can be painted in any colour to suit the décor. They can be painted in a high gloss, semi gloss or flat enamel.


Number 10

Another important issue to consider is access to the job site.  Some buildings have a large commercial lift which means longer and wider materials can be brought to the job site. This can affect the time taken to complete the project. Also quite often there is a lot of rubbish at the end of the project which has got to be disposed of quickly and efficiently. The floors are usually covered with plastic to prevent any dirt or dust encroaching into the carpets or floors. This has to be disposed of also at the end of the project.


Finally try to have a written plan available. Preferably all measurements to be drawn to scale. Confiding with an experienced fitout contractor will help make decisions more precise and compatible.

Top Tips On Office Furniture Selection 2018-03-26T22:39:56+00:00

Top Tips On Office Furniture Selection

With all the current trends and styles in office interior design, having your office fitted with new furniture may seem like an overwhelming task.  A great amount of thought and consideration must be placed into selecting the most appropriate office furniture and fixtures for your office space.  Having the right office furniture can reap various rewards including an enjoyable work atmosphere, increased employee productivity and even health benefits.


Your office fit out can also help create a good and lasting first impression.  How you would like your clients and partners to perceive your business may be portrayed through its decor.  Office furniture with sleek lines and basic colours speak professionalism while more modern pieces portray creativity.


Without a doubt, selecting the right office furniture is a job that can’t be overlooked.  Here are some tips to help you find the office furniture you need for your business.


1.  Know your budget
How much are you willing to spend for office furniture?  There is a wide range of office furniture available with varying prices.  But take note that high quality office furniture does not come cheap.  Be ready to allocate a considerable part of your budget to invest in high quality office furniture.  This actually enables you to save in the long run as quality office furniture will not need replacing or repair for years.


2.  Study your office space
When furnishing your office, the office area is an important concern.  Do you have a large or a small professional space?  Larger office space may have more room for storage areas separate from workstations while smaller spaces must aim for slim, minimalistic and multi-functional pieces that maximise the space available.  How many meeting rooms do you have?  These will need to be fitted with appropriate boardroom tables and chairs.

Does your business require you to receive clients in your office?  In this case, you will need to have an area fitted with client seating.   Does your office space allow for a pantry or recreational area for employees?  Furniture for client and recreational areas may be contemporary office furniture that includes sofas, cafe chairs and stools.


3.  Set time restrictions
When installing new office furniture, it’s important to keep business operations running and employee productivity high.  How much time can you spare for the set-up of new furnishings?  Do you have a weekend for the job or do you need it to be set-up after work hours?  If you have limited time for set-up, then choose office furniture and fixtures that are easily and straightforwardly installed.


4.  Consider your industry
As mentioned previously, your office decor can speak volumes about your business.  Consider the industry your business is in.  Are you in the finance industry as a consulting company?  Then perhaps your office space merits a more traditional look.  Are you in the publishing or advertising industry as a fashion magazine publisher?  Then perhaps your office furniture can be more contemporary to reflect a creative feel.  Your office’s aesthetics needs to reflect the nature of your business.


5.  Pay attention to office chairs
Many employees nowadays are spending more time at the office, working longer hours.  Spending hours seated can be tiresome especially if they are sitting on an office chair that does not offer the proper support.  Pay close attention to selecting quality office chairs that offer comfort and proper support to their backs and arms.  Having the appropriate office chair will help avoid any health problems and discomfort from back strains and also enables your employees to work at their best.


6.  Consider the lights
Lighting is another important factor that must be considered when installing new office furnishings.  Make sure that the work area is well lit and that the lighting is not harsh on the eyes.  Professional lighting consultants are available to help you with fixture arrangements and wattage output concerns.


7.  Consult your employees
If you are still unsure of what office furniture to get for your business space, it would be helpful to ask your employees.  Remember, these are the people who spend hours in the office so their input will be very important.  Ask them what they are looking for in an office chair or what type of storage system they need.  When you are able to provide office furniture that supports a healthy and productive work environment, you can rely on the best possible performance from your employees.


Some Final Words

There are various trends in office fit outs and office furniture today.  To know which one is the most appropriate for your business, it will be helpful to consult with a professional and experienced office fit out provider.

Tips On Office Furniture Care And Maintenance 2018-03-26T22:39:56+00:00

Tips On Office Furniture Care And Maintenance

Office furniture and fixtures are a large investment for any business.  As such, proper care and maintenance for furnishings is necessary to make sure that they won’t need replacing for years.  Here are some tips on how you can keep your office furniture in top shape.

1.     Mind the leather
If your office furniture includes leather office chairs, consider them one of the top priorities as a leather office chair is one piece of office furniture that needs to be carefully maintained.  Make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight as it can damage the material.  Do not use abrasive cleaners such as alcohol-based cleaners.  Instead, purchase cleaners that are specifically designed for leather surfaces.  You may also employ the services of an experienced leather technician to make sure your leather office furniture is well maintained.

2.    Wipe and polish wood furniture
In many cases, wood furniture has already been treated making it easy to care for.  But for untreated wood furniture, use a dry cloth followed by wood treatment oils to maintain the appearance of the furniture.  For treated wood furniture, a damp cloth followed by furniture polish would be ideal.  Encourage your employees to use coasters to avoid stains on the surface of any wood office furniture as these will be difficult to remove later on.

3.    Practice clean desk policy
Keeping a clean desk is important in avoiding the accumulation of dust in the workplace.  Encourage your employees to observe a clean desk policy.  Provide them storage systems such as filing cabinets to store paperwork or any office supplies on their desks.  Reducing the clutter on their desks also increases your employees’ productivity as they are able to spend more time on their jobs instead of cleaning their mess.

Desk pads can also be used to prevent scratches on the surface of an office desk.  Employees should also avoid eating in their workstations to prevent any food stains on their desks that will be difficult to remove.

4.    Report a defect
If you or your employees notice a strange sound when you sit on your office chair or if you find a defect such as a loose screw, report it immediately to your maintenance department.  Any defect in office furniture should be fixed immediately to ensure your safety and prevent further damage.

5.    Pay attention to the reception area
Your business’ reception area is the first thing visitors and clients see, as such proper care and maintenance should be given to the reception furniture.  Make sure your reception furniture is not worn-out or outdated.  Visitor seating such as sofas and visitor chairs must be clean and their upholstery must be free of holes. Coffee tables and reception desks must be well-polished and free of stains. Remember that the reception area often forms a visitor’s first impression so make sure that it looks appealing and professional at all times.

Some final tips

You may also employ professional furniture cleaning services to care for your office furniture. If your office furniture has an existing warranty, you can also use it for care and maintenance. Many office fitouts and office furniture providers offer warranties with their products and services.

Tips and Guidelines for Office Fitouts 2018-03-26T22:39:57+00:00

Tips and Guidelines for Office Fitouts

A new office fitout can be an exciting time for any business.  There is always something special about the smell of fresh paint and the feel of new office furniture.  For an employee, the change can be refreshing and can do wonders for their motivation and productivity.  For a new company, it can be a signal to locals that you will soon be open and ready for business.  For an established business, a new office fitout or renovation can indicate that your business is successful and prosperous.


However, a new office fitout can also be a daunting project to undertake especially for those who have little experience with it.  Careful planning and project management are crucial in order to ensure that your office fitout or renovation is a success.  Here are some general tips and guidelines that will help you in your next office fitout project.


1.    Determine how much money and time you are willing to spend on your office fitout project. The cost of a fitout can vary depending on the size of the office space and the level of finishes and furnishings.


The time required for an office fitout be to complete depends on your office space.  For a small office, it can take around 4 weeks and for a larger office, it can take around 5 to 8 weeks.  Consider how you can finish the office fitout without disrupting your business operations.  It may have to be done after office hours or during the weekends.  It is important that employees are still able to do their tasks despite the ongoing renovation.


2.    Gather your team and discuss initial ideas and visions for the new office design. Make sure your creative people are on board who are also good with numbers, attentive to details, and can understand technical issues and are familiar with office layout plans.  You may need to get a number of people on your team as all these skills may not be present in just one or two individuals.


List down the kind of office furnishing you will need such as desks or workstations, chairs, reception area furniture and storage systems.  Also consider other factors, including lighting, doors, windows, electrical systems, paint colour, type of materials to be used and space planning.


3.    In your current office, determine which pieces of furniture can be maintained or which ones need to be updated. Keep the new pieces of furniture that you can still use.  For older office furniture, you may need to update these items to keep your office looking contemporary and modern and matching your new office fitout.  Also consider if you need to move the areas of the different departments in your business.  A new space may be a welcome change for your teams.


4.    If you are relocating or looking for a new office space, talk to a real estate agent in the area you are considering. Get to know the value of the property you are interested in and its availability.  Discuss rental fees and investigate any safety issues in the building.


You can also ask the team to do their own research regarding the property under consideration. Information such as public transport routes, parking spaces and commercial building establishments surrounding the area will be helpful to determine if the property is suitable for commercial office fit outs.


5.    Incorporate other updates with your office fitout project. If you need to update your security systems, computer hardware or other IT infrastructure, then do so together with the new office fitout.  If you choose to update other office systems with the office renovation, make sure that you are able to coordinate with all the suppliers efficiently.


6.    Employ the service of an architect or interior designer to put your ideas and visions on print. You will work very closely with them so do not hesitate to let them know how your business operates and what your business needs.  Also let them know the kind of image or impression you are trying to achieve.


7.    Once you have your office layout ready, employ the service of a trusted and seasoned office fitout contractor. Not only will they carry out the project, but they will also have the best advice on the type of materials and finishes to be used, the most appropriate office furniture and how to integrate other systems such as electrical, phone and IT into the new fitout.  Working with an experienced office fitout contractor will help you make smarter decisions and ensure a smooth transition to your new premises.

How to Plan an Office Fitout 2018-03-26T22:39:57+00:00

How to Plan an Office Fitout

While an excellent office fitout has numerous benefits for the business and its employees, it can often prove to be a stressful project with a substantial amount of time and budget allotted to it.  Careful planning is the first step in making sure that your office fitout project is a success.  Here are some tips to help you plan your project:
1.    Set project goals. Determine beforehand exactly what you want to achieve with your new office fitout.  Do you want the office fitout to reinforce the branding of your business?  Are you aiming to increase your employees’ motivation and productivity by providing them with a better work environment?  Keep a list of all your project goals.  In this way, during and at completion of the project you can ensure your project goals are achieved.
2.   Keep a checklist. List down all the requirements you need to meet along with matching timelines.  Do you need to purchase new office furniture and fixtures?  Do you need an architect to look at your office layout?  Do you need to talk to a real estate agent or consult with an office fitout contractor?  List all of these tasks down to keep the fitout project organised.
You may need to have some fixtures installed after office hours to ensure your employees are able to work undisturbed during office hours. Include the schedules of installations or other such jobs in your checklist as well, for you to make sure that each aspect of the project is done on time.
3.    Don’t compromise on quality. There are many furniture and fixtures in the market today that vary in quality and cost.  There is nothing wrong with trying to keep the costs of the project down, but searching the market for the lowest price can lead you to purchase items of poor quality.  Check the quality first before considering the price.  You will find that purchasing high quality furniture and fixtures will help you save on costs in the long run as these items will not need replacing or repair for several years.
If you need to cut down on costs, search your current office furniture for high quality items you can still use in your new office fitout.  If they fit the theme, design and layout of your fitout, keep them.
4.    Include items such as IT infrastructure, phone and power outlets, and storage cabinets in the office layout budget. It is often cost-efficient to include other updates to these systems along the new office fitout, just make sure these fixtures complement how the workstations and other furniture appear in the layout.  You can also consult with your architect, IT manager and electrician to make sure that the positioning of all elements is correct.
5.    Do research. There are various trends and innovations in office interior design available, such as ergonomic furniture and modern furniture pieces that will enable you to maximise limited office space.  To make sure you are selecting the most appropriate pieces and design for your office fitout project, do your research.  Are you planning to relocate your office?  Then research on the commercial area or building you are interested in.  Make sure you are making informed choices in all the aspects of your project.
6.    Consider safety first. Before starting the actual office fitout work, make sure you have addressed the safety requirements of the building including the placement of fire extinguishers, sprinklers, smoke detectors, exit signs and other safety equipment.  Also consider the placement of non-slip floor surfaces and glass office partitions.  In this way, both employees and contractors are assured of their safety during construction of the new fitout.
7.    Consult with a professional fitout contractor. Businesses who are trying to save on costs often make the mistake of undertaking the project by themselves, without the help of a professional.  They end up going beyond their budget and deadline.  Office fitout contractors can help you maximise your office space and give your office a professional look.  They can help you make the best decisions for your office fitout.

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How to Fitout an Office that Reflects your Company Brand

When a client visits your office for the first time, their first impression of your brand is set in stone as they enter through the front door. This first impression is hugely important and depends greatly on the quality and professionalism of your office fitout. Your fitout should reflect the brand you are aiming to project. If you are an advertising company, then you need an office fitout that will reflect creativity and innovative ideas. If you are a law firm or an accounting firm, then you need a fitout that will reflect professionalism.


If done correctly, your office fitout can complement and enhance your business image. In this article, we provide some tips on how you can create an office fitout that reflects and strengthens your company brand.


1. Be creative


Many large international companies such as Google and Microsoft invest in office furniture and fixtures that are a mix between modern and conventional, giving their office fitout a fun, creative yet professional feel.  It is important to incorporate more modern pieces and layout designs in your office fitout because this can reflect your innovative products and services  and can show customers that your company is thinking and moving forward.


Are you having your office renovation or office fitout on a budget? You do not need a huge budget to get creative. Try to incorporate your own products in your office fitout. If you are a magazine or book publisher, then perhaps you can gather all the covers of your bestsellers, have them mounted on screens and use these screens as partitions.  If you are an IT company, perhaps you can showcase the evolution of computers by putting a mini-exhibit of the oldest to the most modern products you offer in the reception area.  In this way, not only are you putting your own products on display, but you are also showing how much your business has progressed.


2. Be consistent


Implement a consistent design and theme in your office fitout.  If you want to have an open office design, implement this across the entire fitout. If you want to adapt a green, environment friendly theme, make sure all areas of your work space have this theme.  Being consistent makes your brand appear clean and professional.


3. Keep a clean office


A messy and cluttered office will translate to a messy and unorganised brand.  It will appear as if you and your employees have no regard to be clean and orderly and this will reflect very poorly on your products and services.  Implement a clean desk policy wherein employees are required to have their work areas clean and clutter-free before they leave for the day.  If they wish to have photos and other mementos on their desks, they may do so but limit the number of personal things they can display.


Also provide segregated trash bins, one for biodegradable and another for non-biodegradable trash, to keep the office clean.


Another tip for minimising the cluttered look of an office is to incorporate sleek and slim office furniture into your fitout.  This will create more space in your office, making the office appear less congested.


4. Have a well-thought out layout and design


Make sure that your office layout and design reflects the culture and values of your company.  If you want your company to be known as an advocate for the environment, then implement earth friendly pieces in your commercial fitout design.  Also, make sure to include items such as lighting, phone and power outlets and ventilation in your layout.  Providing items such as adequate lighting or office chairs that properly support the body will show that you care about the health and wellness of your employees.  Surely, a business owner who values his employees also values his products, services and customers.


5. Keep office furniture and equipment up-to-date


Make sure that your desktops, fax machines, printers and other equipment are some of the latest technologies today.  New equipment not only gives your office a more professional feel, but also tells your customers that you use the most modern technology in your products and services.  Again, having modern office furniture and the latest equipment and technology reflects that your company is thinking and moving forward.

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Top 5 Trends In Office Fitout Designs

The right office fitout can make your business stand out from your competitors, help you convert more clients and increase the productivity, motivation and teamwork of your staff members.  But with the variety of office furniture and fixtures available today, which ones should you choose?  Here are the 5 current trends in office fitout designs to guide you in selecting the most appropriate office layout and furniture for your business.


The open office

In an open office, there are no longer individual office cubicles or office rooms that isolate employees from one another. Instead of management being secluded behind the walls of their personal office, they are brought together in the same office space with their employees.


There are several advantages of an open office.  Office space is effectively maximised as larger numbers of small workstations and sleek furniture are fitted into the available space.  It allows employees to move around the office more comfortably.  It also fosters better communication between employees and management and promotes a spirit of teamwork.


The modular office

The modular office trend is all about flexibility.  Walls and partitions between workstations are slim and movable, which allows changes in office interior design to take place quickly and with minimal effort.  Like the open office, the modular office allows staff members to be better connected, rather than being secluded in the fixed walls of office cubicles.


The green office

With our renewed awareness of environmental issues today, many companies are making the move to be more sustainable. If your business is interested in creating a green office, start with allowing more natural light and fresh air into your office space.  This may be achieved by having tall windows, atriums or open balconies.  You may also use materials made out of bamboo or recycled glass.  Business owners can also encourage their employees to take an active part in having a green office by providing recycling facilities.


There are several office fitout contractors who incorporate green materials in their furniture and fixtures such as voc-free or low-voc paints. If you are interested in having a green office, talk to a fitout contractor about how you can achieve a more environment-friendly and sustainable office environment.


The staff-friendly office

With employees working 40 hours or more each week, the office has become their home away from home. Providing them with office furniture that supports their health and comfort has become an important consideration of business managers.  The office chair and desk must support the back in order to avoid back pain and headaches.  Office lighting should also be sufficient so that eyes are not strained through prolonged computer use.


If office space permits, provide a games or lounge area where employees can rest and relax during their break time.  An office fitout that offers ease and comfort to your employees will help in increase staff motivation and productivity.


The ergonomic office

With the various injuries, repetitive stress and discomfort that employees can experience from sitting in front of their desk for long hours, business owners have taken an interest in ergonomic office furniture.  Ergonomic office furniture is designed for the user to be able to work productively, efficiently and safely while also minimising fatigue and discomfort.


An important piece of ergonomic office furniture is an ergonomic office chair.  An ergonomic chair allows an employee to maintain a proper sitting position with his knees and elbows at 90 degree angles with their feet flat on the floor, thus minimising stress and tension.  Other items important for an ergonomic office is the keyboard tray and monitor arm that will help give employees the proper posture when working in front of their computers.


Some final words


Your business might have specific requirements you need to consider when designing your office fitout. It will help to consult with an experienced and trusted fitouts contractor to help you decide the best approach for your business.  A fitouts contractor can also keep you up-to-date with future trends you will need to be ready for.

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Tips on Selection of Office Chairs and Office Desks

With the long hours employees spend at work each day, providing them functional and comfortable office chairs needs to become a priority to business owners.  Using the right office chair can motivate an employee, increase productivity and help avoid discomforts such as tendonitis, repetitive strain injury, head-ache, back-ache and neck-ache.  Employers must ensure that they are protecting the health and safety of employees by providing them with high quality office chairs.

Business owners must also make sure that they are providing office desks that fit the requirements of their staff members.  A good office desk must contribute to the efficiency and productivity of an employee.

With the various range of office chairs and office desks available, how do you choose the right one for you and your employees?  Here are 7 tips to follow in selecting the right office chair and office desk:

1.    Check the adjustability of an office chair. The height adjustment will allow an employee to fix the chair so that he or she can be at the correct and comfortable height from the floor.  Having the correct height adjustment reduces the stress on the back of the legs as an employee is in front of their desk at the correct position for their height.  Also check if the depth of the seat can be adjusted as well.  This will allow employees to be seated at the correct distance from their desk without the need to stretch just to reach their workstations.

2.    Consider the arm rests. Having the wrong arm rests on your office chair will bother you and your employees.  If the arm rests are too low, you will have to lean while in front of your desk.  This position will cause you muscle fatigue as your compressed rib cage is making it difficult for your lungs to deliver oxygen to your muscles.  If your arm rests are too thin and do not properly support the width of your forearms, your muscles must exert effort just to stay on top.  All this muscle strain may lead to pain in your back, neck and shoulders.

Office chairs with adjustable arms will enable the user to fix the arm rests according to each individual’s task and requirement.  Some office chairs come with width adjustable arms that enable the arm rests to be moved in or out as needed.  Padded armrests are also becoming a standard feature in office chairs.  Remember that arm rests are important and incorrect adjustment can actually hinder an effective working position.

3.    Consider lumbar support and backrest height adjustability of an office chair. Back pain is perhaps one of the most common complaints of employees when they spend long hours seated in front of their desks.  The lumbar support in office chairs is designed to protect your lumbar spine or lower back when you are in a seated position.

Also consider office chairs that provide backrest height adjustability.  Employees have varying comfort levels when it comes to their lower back.  The backrest height adjustability enables you to adjust the chair’s lumbar support to a height that is most comfortable to you.

4.    Make sure that your office chair and office desk fit the roles of each staff member. A senior staff member may need an executive office chair and office desk.  A staff member who accomplishes a lot of paperwork may need a task chair and an office desk that offers space for their monitor, keyboard, mouse and an area for paperwork.  A staff member who does their tasks on a computer may need a computer chair and a computer table.  Remember that your office chair and office desk must help your employees to get their jobs done efficiently and comfortably.

5.    Evaluate if you need custom made office desks. There are office fitouts providers who will design and manufacture office desks and workstations according to your specifications.  You might need an office desk that includes a storage area such as drawers or you might like to request for a specific colour and type of material to be used.  Whatever your requirements are for custom made desks, make sure that it is smart, functional and fits your business image.

6.    When choosing office desks, consider your office space. If you have a small office space, consider cluster or modular workstations or minimalistic office desks.  This type of desks will enable you to maximise the available office space.

7.    When buying office chairs and office desks, remember to always check the quality first. There is a wide selection of chairs and desks of varying prices, but be prepared to spend a little bit more on those that really offer high quality.  When you purchase high quality office chairs and desks, you are actually saving money as they will not need repair or replacing for a long time.

Some final tips

Do not hesitate to invest in quality office chairs and desks as these play a vital role in your employees’ motivation, productivity and even in their health.  It will also be helpful for you to discuss your requirements with an experienced and trusted office fitouts and office furniture provider.

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Help the Environment with a Sustainable Office Fitout

When you are planning for a new office fitout, it is important to take into account how you can help protect the environment by choosing sustainable options.  Why?  Our world needs it.  In a study conducted by Australia’s Centre for International Economics (CIE), it was discovered that 23 percent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the building sector.  If nothing is done about this soon, the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) predicts that the gas emissions will more than double by 2050.  To prevent this, companies are encouraged to make their businesses more environmentally friendly. One way you can help is through a sustainable office fitout.


Here are a few steps to follow in planning a sustainable office fitout:


Re-use or Recycle

Before you start planning for your office fitout, the first thing you should do is take a look at all the office equipment and supplies you have acquired over the years. Pretty sure, you’ve collected a lot of furniture and appliances you don’t need and that are just gathering dust.  Determine items that you want to keep and those you can give away.  For those you can still use, such as office chairs, you can still have them re-upholstered to match the new office design you have in mind. Then, you don’t need to spend a lot in purchasing new chairs for your office fitout.


As for those item which you don’t need anymore, you can always donate these to charities.  This approach certainly reduces wastage and can contribute to helping the environment.


Use Appliances which Save Energy

With the latest technology, it’s so easy to make your company more environmentally-friendly.  To achieve a sustainable office fitout, what you can do is replace your old appliances with new ones which have good energy ratings or star ratings.  Energy-rated appliances may be more expensive, but they will definitely be a good investment.   In the long run, new, energy-saving equipment will help you save energy and money.  In a study by the Carbon Trust, it’s been shown that a 20 percent reduction in energy cost is equivalent to achieving a 5 percent increase in sales.


Take Advantage of Natural Light

You can also consider how to introduce more natural light when you’re planning your office fitout, saving energy.  One way to do this is through the use of wide glass windows.  During day time when the sun is bright, you don’t need to turn on all your office lights. Use the sunlight.


It is also possible to install an intelligent lighting system in your office because it turns off the lights when no one is around.


Paint the Walls with Lighter Colors

When fitting out a new office, it is likely that you will also consider changing your wall colors.  If you’re going to paint your office walls, think about choosing lighter colors such as white. These types of colors reflect light, so they make your office space much brighter. Hence, you do not need to turn on all your office lights as often during work hours.


Once you’ve decided on the paint color, also consider buying paints that are low in chemical content. These kinds of paints are less damaging to the environment because they reduce the carbon content in the air. Thus, they contribute greatly to the greenhouse effect.  On a side note, this also makes the air much cleaner to breathe as there are no harmful chemicals mixed with it.


Use LED Light Bulbs

Though you may have already introduced wide glass windows to your office space to maximize sunlight, you still need to have lighting installed as part of your office fitouts. Instead of traditional incandescent lights which consume a lot of energy and produce a lot of heat, why not go for new-generation LED lights?


Producing light which can match those fluorescent ones, the LED light bulbs can last up to 10 times longer.  As such, you save money in the long run for you do not need to change your lights constantly.  Another advantage is that these are durable and remain cool at all times.  Therefore, they lessen the heat buildup in your office space and also reduce your costs of air conditioning.


Update Desktop Computers to Laptops

Laptops will definitely help you save on electric bills, as these machines use 20 percent less energy than desktop computers. Laptops are more energy-efficient because they are already a combination of monitor and computer and are designed for low power consumption, as they operate from a battery. Once you’ve updated to laptops, it’s also best that you instruct your employees to turn them off before and after work.  While operating in sleep mode, laptops still continue to use some energy, adding to your electricity bills.


Use Waterless Urinals

Water is one of the most important resources we have, so we shouldn’t waste it.  To help achieve this goal, you can replace your bathroom urinals with waterless ones.  This type of urinal saves about 20,000 to 45,000 gallons of water a year, since you don’t use water to flush!


On the topic of conserving water, another way you can do this is to introduce hand sanitizers in your office bathrooms.  Instead of your employees using running water to wash their hands all the time, they can also use these hand sanitizers.  Aside from keeping hands germ-free, this also reduces water use.  Therefore, you save up on your water bills and conserve your water resources.


Final Words


These are just some suggestions on how you can achieve a sustainable office fitout, saving energy and helping the environment.  When you aim to have a sustainable office fitout, this will also have a positive effect on your business.  Clients typically prefer to use businesses that can demonstrate a track record of sustainability.


In order to achieve a sustainable office fitout, contact a professional office fitout company to assist you in achieving sustainable outcomes for your new office fitout and refurbishment.

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7 Tips to Make the Best Office Move

Many successful businesses start small, with most of their office space set up in the owners’ home or shared offices. This may save on start-up costs, but once you get your business moving and you start to take on new staff, it is then time to consider moving to a new larger office location. In this article, we give you the top seven tips for making a successful office move.

Set a budget

No doubt about it, moving to a new office location is a significant investment in time and money. There are many things to pay for, including the purchase or lease of the new office space, a new office fitout, and costs associated with transporting your office furniture and equipment. If you do not plan your office move well, it is very likely you will go over budget.

Before anything else, decide on the amount of money you are budgeting for the big move. If you have a business partner, sit down and discuss how much you can realistically afford to spend. Don’t just come up with a magic number. You should consider all the things that you need to budget for, including the office fitout costs. Once you have an idea of what you will need, contact some office fitout companies to obtain estimates and quotes.

Also, consider the manpower that you will need for the big move. Why don’t you ask your employees to help out? Give them incentives at work in exchange for their help and they may be willing to lend a helping hand.

Select a suitable location

Your new location can make or break your business. Just because the rent in that area is such a bargain, that doesn’t mean that you should settle on that location right away. You should always think of your clients first. Would they be willing to travel to your new location to do business with you?  If it’s too far away, chances are they won’t.

Also consider the security of the neighbourhood. Is it a place where your employees can be safe when they walk at night? Is it a peaceful area free of crime?  Do your research on your desired location first before you decide to set up your new office there.

Consider access to transportation

When you choose a new office location, make sure that there’s easy access to transportation such as buses, trains and cabs. Don’t make the commute a hassle for your employees.

Before you select a new office location, sit down with your employees and consider where they live. Is the office location central for the majority of your employees so they can easily make the commute?

Consider availability of parking areas

You should also consider parking spaces for employees who drive to work. Make sure that the office building you have chosen has enough parking spaces to accommodate all their cars. If not, then consider a location where there is an affordable or reasonable car park rates.

Pay attention to location of amenities

It would be convenient for you and your employees if the new location that you choose is situated near amenities including banks, pharmacies, shopping areas, and restaurants. If your client drops by to your new office, where would you take them for lunch if the next suitable restaurant is far away? What if you are completing a project and you urgently need something to finish the job? All these concerns can be resolved if you select an office location near all the important amenities and your suppliers.

Select an office building

After you have decided on the best area to set up your new office and start with your office fitout, you can now search for the right building. Once again, don’t settle on something because the agent has given you a “reasonable” price. First thing you should check is the building’s facade. Is it decent or does it look worn out? If it’s the latter, then it may not be a welcoming sight for your clients when they visit your office. It is also important to check if the building has 24/7 security and if it has a manned reception area. All of these can help make a good impression on your clients.

Consider how you will use the office space

Once you’ve chosen your location and building, it’s now time to consider the best use of your office space. Before doing so, decide on your expansion plans. If you are considering hiring more people in the near future, then it’s advisable to get a bigger space to accommodate your growing number of employees.

After settling the space issue, it’s now time to think about your office fitout. Before you decide on the office layout, check with the building management if you can get permission to do major renovations, such as setting up office dividers, changing wall colors and installing new lights. Some buildings do not permit tenants to make major changes to office spaces. If the restrictions are too great, this may not be the right office for you!

Some final words

Moving to a new office location can be a time-consuming and costly activity.  It’s best that you plan this well so it goes smoothly. These are just some pointers that can guide you when you are looking for a new office location. If you are having a difficult time moving to a new office, consider employing the services of a trusted office fitouts company as they will be able to assist you in the process of moving offices, starting from giving you advice on the most suitable location through to setting up a new office fitout for your business.

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How to Boost Productivity with an Effective Office Fitout Design:

Moving to a new office location is an exciting time for any business. It can provide you the opportunity to meet new clients and to expand the business.  Moving to a new office space can also be the perfect time for you to create an office fitout that will boost the productivity and performance of your employees. To be able to do this, you don’t need to buy expensive furniture and equipment. Focus on organising and maximising your new office space. In this article, we give you some tips on how you can achieve this:

Add More Shelves and Cabinets

Include more shelves and cabinets with office partitions in your office fitout. This is where employees can store the hard copy of their files, folders or documents. Having enough storage space for each of your staff will prevent the clutter from accumulating and will keep the office clean and orderly. When your office is clean and clutter-free, this can also give a good impression to your clients. It is most likely that they will see you as a company that is organised and can do the job for them.

Use Large and Wide Desks

Provide your employees office desks that are large or wide enough for them to work comfortably on. There should be enough space on their office desk for any equipment they use including desktops or laptops. There should also be enough space where they can lay out the files they need to finish. Since they can spread out the files they are working on, this can also save them time from looking for important documents they need. Providing adequate office desks or workstations can help your employees to be more efficient at their jobs.

Use Stacking Trays

When creating your office fitout, consider using stacking trays as part of your storage system. Stacking trays provide your employees an accessible storage space for important files and paperwork. If they store urgent files in the shelves and cabinets, they might not be able to access them right away when their manager or a client asks for them and this can leave a bad impression on their efficiency.


When you are designing your office fitout, you can also think about decorating your office space with something green. According to a study, the colour green can help employees relax and de-stress. Help your employees keep their minds away from work—even if it’s just for a moment—by decorating the office space with plants. Once they have relaxed, they will have enough energy to finish their tasks.

Update Equipment

Updating your equipment such as laptops, printers or fax machines is an important key to improving productivity. If your employees are efficient, yet their computers or laptops are slow, then it reduces their productivity at work. Instead of them being able to finish their tasks, they spend more time waiting for files to load, print or fax.

Some Final Words

These are just a few ways on how you can boost employee productivity through an effective office fitout. When you are creating your office fitout for your new office location, it can help to work with an office interior design professional who can design and construct an office fitout that meets your business requirements.

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Tips on How to Make your Office Client-Friendly

Clients are a vital part of any business or organisation, so it is important that you know how to take good care of them!  When creating your office fitout, consider your clients. After all, you won’t only deal with them through phone calls or emails. Clients may choose to visit your office for important appointments or discussions.  It’s best to be prepared and make your office fitout client-friendly. Here are a few ways you can do this:

Make the reception area comfortable

When your clients visit the office, the first thing that they see is the reception area. To adhere to the saying, first impressions last, design your office fitout into something that would easily make them feel at home.  Add in comfortable yet office-appropriate sofas and chairs where they can relax after travelling to your office to meet with you.

When creating your office fitout, consider decorating your reception area with something green such as fresh flowers or potted plants. These simple touches can change the reception area from being stiff to comfortable.  However, keep in mind to balance comfort with professionalism. The reception area must still reflect that your business is a professional organisation.

Provide reading materials

To keep your clients entertained while waiting in the reception area, provide some reading materials such as books, magazines and newspapers.  You can also place your business cards and marketing collaterals such as brochures and flyers on tables in the reception area to make them accessible to your clients.  This can especially be useful when you are meeting with potential clients as they can learn more about your business and what you can offer them while they are waiting at the reception area.

Always make sure that your reading materials are updated. When you see magazines or books that are worn out, torn, or outdated, replace them with new ones.   This may sound like a simple thing to do, but it can help maintain your company’s image to clients.

Greet them with a smile

As soon as your clients arrive in the office, there should be someone to welcome them. Do not let them wait for a long time at the door wondering who they can call to look for you. Make sure that once they step inside the reception area, a staff member is there to greet them with a smile. This person can also offer your clients some refreshments such as water, tea, juice or coffee while they prepare for their meeting with you.

Once your staff informs you that your clients have arrived, make sure that you’re the one who greets them personally and escort them to the meeting room. This would show them that you are more than happy to see them and talk about business.

Provide free wifi and entertainment

When you are designing your office fitout, consider providing free wifi. There may be some clients who would like to maximise their time by doing their office work while waiting in the reception area.  Instead of browsing through magazines or newspapers they may prefer to check their emails or finish the tasks they left in their office. Having free wifi in your office will enable them to access their emails and browse the internet using their mobile phones, laptops or tablet PCs.  If you have other guests in the office, they can use the wifi to access the internet and keep themselves entertained.

If you decide to provide free wifi in the office, you can set a password so that people outside your business will not be able to use it.  Simply provide the password to your clients and guests if they want to use the wifi.

Aside from free wifi, you can also consider providing other forms of entertainment such as a television or a radio. Keep in mind, though, to keep the volume low so as not to disturb the other people in the reception area.  Also make sure that the television or radio is tuned in to a program appropriate to the workplace such as a news or business channel.

Soundproof your meeting rooms

You may have some clients who would like to keep discussions confidential.  As such, it would help if you consider sound proofing your meeting rooms during your office fitout.  This can make your clients feel safe to discuss certain things or affairs with you, whether it is about money or a confidential project.  This can also help your clients see you as a trustworthy partner and service provider.

In your office fitout, also make sure that your meeting rooms are complete with the necessary amenities needed in meetings. Some of the things which you may need to purchase are whiteboards and markers, projectors, and laptops.  This can make your meetings easier to conduct because everything you need is there.

Organise your office

Some clients may request a tour around the office. As such, it is also important to keep your office space organised. Always remind your employees to keep their desks clean and clutter-free so that your office would always look clean. Also inform your employees beforehand if you are expecting an important client.  In that way, they can also prepare and help you make a good impression.

Some final words

When you take good care of your clients, you start to build a strong relationship with them which can lead to a rewarding business partnership.  And when they are happy with how you deal with them, you can be sure that word will spread around on the type of service and hospitality you offer them.  It’s quite possible that when potential clients hear of this, they will be enticed to find out more about your business and see the range of products and services you offer.

If you need help in creating an office fitout for your business, consider employing a professional and experienced office fitout contractor.  An office fitout contractor can help you design and construct an appropriate office fitout that fits your business requirements.

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Tips on How to Create an Office Staff Room

When you are undergoing an office fitout, every room is important – and that includes the office staff room. This is a place where your employees can eat their meals and clear their minds whenever work gets too stressful. The office staff room is also a great place where you can talk to or socialise with your staff on a more casual level, as the office staff room provides a laid-back and comfortable atmosphere.

For employees who bring packed lunch or snacks, eating at their office desks may be an option. However, this may result in cleanliness and sanitation issues. If this practice is wide spread throughout the office, it may lead to the attraction of insects and cockroaches. This is a tough problem because these pests can get a foothold in your office.

Having an office staff room provides your employees with an area where they can eat their meals instead of eating at their desks so they are able to maintain the cleanliness of the office. In this article, we provide you some tips on how to create a friendly and comfortable office staff room.

Include appropriate tables and chairs

To maximise space, many office staff rooms provide countertops and some high chairs. However, you should also consider including tables and chairs where your employees can sit comfortably and chat with colleagues during their break.

When choosing this set of furniture for your office staff room, the comfort it provides isn’t the only thing you should consider. These pieces should also be office-appropriate so your company can still retain its professional image. For you to be able to find the ideal furniture for your staff room, canvass some furniture shops and evaluate what they offer. You can also discuss your requirements with an experienced office fitout contractor as they can help you in designing and selecting the right furniture for your staff room and for the rest of your office space.

Provide trash cans

Always make sure that your office staff room is clean. One way to do this is to provide trash cans for recyclables, biodegradables and plastics. Encourage your employees to throw their trash in the right bin so your business can do its part to help the environment.

Coordinate with the office building management to ensure that there is someone who regularly collects the trash so the office staff room will always be clean. This will also help prevent unwanted pest problems.

Complete your amenities

Aside from your tables and chairs, complete your office staff room amenities with a refrigerator, microwave and oven toaster and coffee maker. When you are creating your office fitout, check on the kitchen appliances that you already have. You may have a small refrigerator or an oven that you can still use. If these appliances are still in good condition, then re-use them. If not, then think about replacing them. You can also consider asking your employees what other kitchen device they need in the staff room.

Add in a water dispenser and snacks

Have a water dispenser and some snacks available in the office staff room. In this way, your staff will not need to go out of the office to buy refreshments or snacks. Having refreshments and snacks easily accessible in the staff room can help your employees focus their time on doing their tasks and meeting deadlines as they no longer need to go far for a break. Coffee and tea making facilities are also a nice touch.

Some final words

Your employees will definitely appreciate having a staff room where they can comfortably have their meals and socialise with their colleagues. When you provide them a relaxed area where they can take a break, you can be sure that they will return to their desks refreshed and motivated to do their jobs well. It can also act as a central location for socialising in the office, helping to build staff morale. If you need help in fitting out the different areas of your office space, talk to an experienced office fitout contractor. An office fitout contractor can assist you in office designing and creating the most appropriate office fitout for your business.